National Olympic Committee of Thailand

1) Supporting and publicizing the Olympic Movement in Thailand, according to the International Olympic Charter.


2) Overseeing that all practices follow the International Olympic Charter.


3) Supporting and developing sports to achieve higher standards, including encouraging and supporting sports for the public.


4) Supporting and developing the skills of sports administrators by means of regular training in sports administration courses.


5) Selecting and sending the nation’s top athletes to participate in the Olympic Games, Asian Games, SEA Games, or any other sports competitions under the sponsorship of the International Olympic Committee.


6) Coordinating, supporting, and encouraging sports in Thailand to develop in the right way, by close and continuous cooperation with the governmental and private sectors.


7) Allowing freedom of ideas, and avoiding any influence due to political, religious, or economic pressure that prevents people from following the Olympic Charter.


” The NOCs must preserve their autonomy and resist all pressures of any kind, including but not limited to political, legal, religious, or economic pressure which may prevent them from complying with Olympic Charter Olympic Charter : 28. Missions and Roles Of NOCs / article 6 , page 62